Articles & Speeches

Articles & Speeches

Hanoi’s 2017 Crackdown on Freedom of Expression

(Don Le) Vietnamese authorities have been continuing their crackdown on freedom of expression, detaining advocates and drafting cybersecurity laws which target online content critical of the state. This is a worrying sign for Vietnamese activists defending basic rights. This year alone, Vietnamese authorities arbitrary detained, issued arrest warrants and exiled more than 20 rights (...) (30/08/2017)

Why Hà Nội Still Pretends to Care

(Tran Minh Nhat) - The past few weeks have seen a flurry of human-rights centered activities between Việt Nam and America. Just several days ago, on May 23, the 21st session of the U.S.-Việt Nam Human Rights Dialogue was held in Hà Nội. Prime Minister Nguyễn Xuân Phúc is visiting the United States this week to meet (...) (2/06/2017)

Vietnamese Continue to Demand Justice a Year After Toxic Waste Spill That Caused Massive Fish Kill

(Don Le) - Thousands of Vietnamese took to beaches and boats in various towns in central Vietnam and to social media during the first week of April 2017 to protest against a Taiwanese-owned steel plant, one year after its toxic spill caused a massive fish kill and left lingering (...) (11/04/2017)

Former prisonner of conscience Dang Xuan Dieu’s speech at the 9th Geneva Summit

(Dang Xuan Dieu) - In every prison and at every stage of this ordeal, I faced different levels of harassment, all of which were arbitrary interpretations of the law. The law was just on paper — treatment of prisoners have been in accordance with the past practices despite changes in the law. Even Article 1 of our (...) (23/02/2017)

A Decade of Industrialization: Fish and Humans Pay the Price

(Viet Tan Alert) - The Vietnamese state has often been complicit in the country’s worst environmental disasters. Despite updating the Law on Environmental Protection in 2015, officials have tolerated the discharge of untreated wastewater from industrial projects with serious harm to local (...) (31/10/2016)

Six Months After Massive Fish Kill in Central Vietnam, Thousands Protest Lack of Aid

(Don Le) - Around 10,000 to 15,000 people joined a non-violent protest outside the steel plant of a company accused of polluting a waterway that triggered a massive fish kill off Vietnam’s central coast. (4/10/2016)

Statement by Viet Tan at Formosa Headquarters

(Duy Hoang) - In April, tons of dead fish began washing up along Vietnam’s central coast. For over two months, the Vietnamese authorities and Formosa Ha Tinh Steel Company provided misleading and conflicting responses. The secretive “settlement” announced by the Hanoi government and Formosa on June 30th (...) (10/08/2016)

Vietnamese Protesters Demand Justice Despite Government Settlement on Fish Kills

(Don Le) - Netizens have quickly jumped online to share their frustration with the investigation process following the Vietnamese government’s media conference regarding the cause of the environmental disaster which led to 70 tonnes of dead fish being washed up (...) (17/07/2016)

Vietnam After Obama

(Duy Hoang) - When Xi Jinping paid a state visit to Vietnam last November, he was welcomed with a 21-gun salute by his hosts and protests by activists. The Vietnamese did not line the streets to get a glimpse of the China leader and there were no reports of Vietnam’s young people clamoring to take selfies (...) (30/05/2016)

Vietnamese Have High Expectations for Obama Visit

(Viet Tan Alert) - An overwhelming majority of Vietnamese said they are eager to welcome President Obama when he arrives in Vietnam later this month. President Obama is scheduled to make his first visit to Vietnam later this month amidst a growing wave of political convictions and civic action by many (...) (6/05/2016)