Basic Principles

Part 1. The Needs of the People and the Nation of Vietnam

If the dream of the Vietnamese people during the 19th century was to be adequately fed and clothed and to live free from fear of oppression, then this dream has remained a hope beyond the reach of the majority of Vietnamese today. This is a great sorrow for our (...) (18/09/2004)

Part 2. Basic Principles to Democratize and Reform Vietnam

The mission of Viet Tan is to implement a comprehensive revolution to establish democracy and to reform Vietnam. This means that in our struggle we will give priority to abolishing the dictatorial regime blocking the advancement of our people, while at the same time, bringing about reform (...) (18/09/2004)

Part 3. Faith in Reform (Canh Tan)

For over 150 years, Vietnam has had to overcome countless difficulties and challenges. Our people paid enormous sacrifices in blood to throw off the colonial yoke only to fall victim to quarter century of civil war over ideologies. While other nations facing the same circumstances as Vietnam (...) (18/09/2004)