Former prisonner of conscience Dang Xuan Dieu’s speech at the 9th Geneva Summit

Dang Xuan Dieu

In every prison and at every stage of this ordeal, I faced different levels of harassment, all of which were arbitrary interpretations of the law. The law was just on paper — treatment of prisoners have been in accordance with the past practices despite changes in the law. Even Article 1 of our penal law opens the opportunity for human rights (...) (23/02/2017)

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A Decade of Industrialization: Fish and Humans Pay the Price

(Viet Tan Alert) - The Vietnamese state has often been complicit in the country’s worst environmental disasters. Despite updating the Law on Environmental Protection in 2015, officials have tolerated the discharge of untreated wastewater from industrial projects with serious harm to local (...)

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Speech by Catholic Priest Dang Huu Nam regarding the Formosa environmental disaster

(Dang Huu Nam) - A Catholic Priest from one of the affected areas in Vietnam, Reverend Dang Huu Nam, pre-recorded his speech as he was prevented from attending the press conference in Taipei.