Guest Forum

Guest Forum

Testimony before the Australian Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights

(Nguyen Trung Trong Nghia) The Australian Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights invited a delegation of Vietnamese activists and Catholic Priests to testify about the recent crackdown on free expression and human rights in Vietnam. Days before International Human Rights Day, activists including Nguyen Trung Trong Nghia, the son of detained human rights defender and pastor Nguyen Trung Ton, discussed the (...) (7/12/2017)

Speech by Catholic Priest Dang Huu Nam regarding the Formosa environmental disaster

(Dang Huu Nam) - A Catholic Priest from one of the affected areas in Vietnam, Reverend Dang Huu Nam, pre-recorded his speech as he was prevented from attending the press conference in Taipei. (10/08/2016)

Amid Protests, Vietnamese Look to Obama’s Visit

(Duyen Bui) - Vietnamese officials and the Vietnamese people are waiting in anticipation to welcome U.S. President Barack Obama in about a week. But each have very different reasons for awaiting Obama’s visit. (19/05/2016)

President Obama needs to speak out on free elections in Vietnam

(Brad Adams) - While it’s still anyone’s guess who will win November’s presidential election in the United States, I can tell you with certainty — before a ballot is cast — who will win this year’s election in Vietnam. It will be Gen. Tran Dai Quang. I even know who the next prime minister will be. His name is (...) (16/02/2016)

The Ugly Thugs Running Vietnam Aren’t Experimenting With Democracy

(Thomas A. Bass) - Vietnam is a moiré pattern: Squint at the country one way and you get an aspirational society zooming into the future. Squint another way, and you get an old-fashioned jailer of anyone who refuses to toe the party line. The sunshine lobby focuses on Vietnam’s lovely beaches, food, and allure as a (...) (23/01/2016)

A thank you letter from former prisoner of conscience Paulus Le Son

(Paulus Le Son) - My name is Le Van Son and I am a blogger and former prisoner of conscience. I was unjustly sentenced to four years in prison by the Vietnamese Communist Party, together with 14 other Catholic youth. We assert that we have acted in accordance with our beliefs of peace, freedom, democracy and (...) (15/09/2015)

How Hanoi Buys Influence in Washington, D.C.

(Greg Rushford) - U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry arrives in Hanoi this Thursday for a two-day visit. Expect much talk of how the United States and Vietnam have been developing closer security and economic ties — and how Vietnam’s praiseworthy “progress” in improving its human-rights record is making this (...) (6/08/2015)

Vietnam: A not so happy anniversary

(Graham Cooke) - The Australian Navy’s treatment of 46 Vietnamese asylum seekers in sending them back to their home country last month after a hurried on-sea ‘assessment’ process, was without any real attempt to discover why the people were leaving and what would happen to them when they were (...) (4/05/2015)

Time for the US to Get Tough on Vietnam

(Khanh Vu Duc) - The United States’ engagement with Vietnam is, in large part, a failure. Hanoi continues to ply benefits from the US while offering little in return. It is time for the US to demand what kind of relationship Hanoi is seeking with (...) (2/07/2014)

Trans-Pacific Partnership Must Safeguard Human Rights

(Jared Genser) - For the Obama administration, the Trans-Pacific Partnership is a high-profile opportunity to bolster the administration’s legacy and strengthen its “pivot to Asia.” The TPP, potentially the world’s largest free trade agreement, would impact 40 percent of global GDP and a third of its trade. In (...) (16/04/2014)