Why Viet Tan

Modernizing Vietnam has been the aspiration of Vietnamese for many generations. In the 19th century, Vietnam lost its independence because it was unable to adapt to changing conditions. For much of the 20th century, the country was torn apart by war and did not enjoy true peace even after (...) (17/11/2009)

What We Do

Viet Tan engages in actions that empower the Vietnamese people. Specifically, we seek to roll back existing restrictions against two key human rights: freedom of expression and freedom of association and assembly. These enabling freedoms are the pillars for civil (...) (17/11/2009)

Current Campaigns

The following public campaigns organized by Viet Tan involve the participation of activists on the ground, overseas Vietnamese and international supporters. (17/11/2009)

How To Get Involved

Support Viet Tan’s current campaigns and let us know if you would like to participate in the next Viet Tan activity in your area. Visit our website, join our mailing list and help spread information about our activities and the situation in Vietnam. You can also follow us on Twitter and (...) (17/11/2009)

Who We Are

Viet Tan has members and supporters throughout Vietnam and among most Vietnamese communities overseas. Our members represent a cross-section of the country and the diaspora. (17/11/2009)


Viet Tan held its 7th Party Conference in September 2012 marking thirty years since the founding of the party on September 10, 1982. Members adopted a strategic plan of action and elected a Central Committee to steer Viet Tan’s activities inside and outside the country for the next five years. (...) (17/11/2009)