Press Releases

Press Releases

#StopTheCrackdownVN: Letter to APEC leaders

(International Organizations) Over the last year, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam has carried out a major political crackdown against peaceful expression. According to verified reports, authorities have arrested or exiled at least 25 peaceful activists and bloggers. In a series of sham trials, the Vietnamese government has orchestrated the wrongful conviction and sentencing of prominent human rights defenders and (...) (7/11/2017)

Stop the Crackdown in Vietnam

(International Organizations) - Vietnam is in the midst of an unprecedented political crackdown against peaceful expression. So far this year, the Vietnamese authorities have arrested or exiled at least 25 peaceful activists and bloggers. In a series of sham trials, the government has orchestrated the wrongful convictions and (...) (16/10/2017)

Vietnamese Human Rights Defender Sentenced in Sham Trial

(Viet Tan) - A kangaroo court today sentenced Vietnamese human rights defender and blogger Nguyen Van Oai to five years prison followed by four years house arrest. In a four hour trial, 36-year old Nguyen Van Oai was convicted of “resisting persons on duty” and “failing to comply with sentence” under Articles (...) (18/09/2017)

Viet Tan leader the victim of acid attack perpetrated by Vietnamese security agents

(Viet Tan) - Vietnamese security agents attacked four activists of Vietnamese origin, including a senior member of Viet Tan, in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. At around 10pm on September 2nd, Vietnamese security agents riding on motorcycles threw acid on the four individuals as they were walking down a street. (...) (14/09/2017)

Democracy activist Pham Minh Hoang exiled from Vietnam

(Viet Tan) - Viet Tan condemns the Vietnamese government’s exiling of Pham Minh Hoang. A blogger and former university lecturer, Pham Minh Hoang was stripped of his Vietnamese citizenship and placed on a plane late Saturday night. He is currently on his way to France and is due to land at Charles de Gaulle (...) (24/06/2017)

Vietnamese blogger Pham Minh Hoang abducted by authorities, may face exile

(Viet Tan) - Prominent blogger and former university lecturer Pham Minh Hoang was taken by authorities on Friday evening in Saigon. According to his wife, police entered his home, initially refused to provide the order for his detention, then quickly read the order out loud before taking him to the local (...) (23/06/2017)

Human Rights and Digital Security Groups Call for Release of Video Journalist Nguyen Van Hoa

(International Organizations) - On the occasion of World Press Freedom Day, Vietnamese authorities must immediately release Nguyen Van Hoa, a video-journalist who has been detained since January. Mr. Hoa is a digital security trainer, citizen journalist, and contributor to Radio Free Asia. He covered stories about the (...) (3/05/2017)

Vietnamese democracy activist Dang Xuan Dieu released from prison

(Viet Tan) - One of Vietnam’s most prominent political prisoners was released and exiled after almost six years of arbitrary detention and harsh treatment. Dang Xuan Dieu arrived in Paris today following sustained pressure for his freedom from the EU, human rights groups, elected officials, and Vietnamese at (...) (13/01/2017)

Vietnamese human rights lawyer arbitrarily detained for the last year

(Viet Tan) - The Vietnamese government must immediately and unconditionally release human rights lawyer and blogger Nguyen Van Dai who has been arbitrarily detained for a year without access to legal representation or any word of an upcoming (...) (15/12/2016)

Statement on International Human Rights Day 2016

(Vietnamese organizations) - December 9, 2016 December 10, 2016 marks the 68th anniversary of when the Universal Declaration of Human RIghts was adopted. This document has become the common standard of rights for all people that must be respected by every nation. Although a member of the United Nations Human Rights (...) (9/12/2016)