Letter of a daughter to her parents

Do Thuy Tien|02/02/2010|Vietnam Today|

February 1, 2010

My dearest parents,

Once again, I am writing to you to express all my love and most of all, to share my deepest concern on your upcoming court trial. The accusations are ridiculous and I am so afraid that the verdict has already been predetermined. Like many previous trials, it is often closed door and the accused would have no chance of defending themselves.

Mum and Dad, you are being charged of “assault and harming others” yet I have witnessed so many occasions where our family has been subjected to threats and abusive behavior by government hired thugs; and our house was constantly raided by police.

Neither of you were ever retaliated to these attacks.

You prefer to use your pen to tell the truth. You use your beautiful words to depict the injustice created by a society where it is poisoned by a corrupted system and a dictatorship regime. On that dreadful October 8th day, I already sensed that you will receive a harsh sentence, when they forced you to come to the police station even though you were bleeding and bruised from being assaulted.

I am quite anxious of your safety because of the recent escalation in crackdown conducted by the Vietnamese government. Unfair trials and imprisonment of peaceful activists become a norm in recent time.

Catholics protest because they can no longer bear the endless illegal confiscation of church property; and lawyers who often make a mockery of the legal system.

I am worried but be assured that I will not lose faith. I believe that persistent pressure and firm critics from the international community will contribute to exert change, especially if these gestures are amplified by international media outlets.

I promise you that I will do my best to appeal to the French government and to make it known to the international community of your trial because your trial represents every ordinary Vietnamese citizen who longs for true freedom and democracy.

Please be brave as you have always been and I shall to, because we believe in the truth and some day justice will prevail and democracy will succeed.

From your loving daughter that lives so far away and who deeply regrets for not being able to be at your side in such time of need.

Lots of kisses.

Do Thuy Tien