Movement Building Seminar – Houston

About the Seminar
Thousands gather on the streets. Millions like, share, and retweet a post. What do all these acts have in common? They are all actions that can contribute to building a movement for social change.

This three-day seminar combines theory and practice. Conceptually, we demystify the notion that power is top-down and absolute, revealing that there is strength in numbers. Taking real world examples, we examine why and how movements emerge, highlighting factors in a movement’s development that influences successful outcomes. In particular, mass participation is key in challenging the status quo, and thus, discussion and practice of movement building tactics is at the core of this seminar.

After this course, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the sources of political power to bend it towards the arc of justice
  • Understand the role of movements in creating political and social change
  • Identify grievances that motivate the emergence of a movement
  • Apply the Spectrum of Allies to gain participation and support for the movement
  • Use tactical planner to plan actions

Dates: June 29 – July 1, 2018
Location: Houston, TX
Suggested donation: $20


  • Trinh Nguyen is a trainer in strategic nonviolent action, digital security, and reproductive justice. She has been a member of Viet Tan for ten years and currently serves as the Director of Technology & Safety for Rhize, a global community that supports and connects nonviolent social movements.
  • Quyen Ngo is a facilitator with 14 years of experience in leadership training composed of curriculum on experiential learning, conflict resolution, cultural competency and creating equitable systems. She acts and organizes in Los Angeles.

To register for the Movement Building Seminar, please fill out this form.

Meals and refreshments will be provided throughout the three days of training. Accommodations will be available for participants from outside the Houston area. Limited financial support will be available to participants. Specific needs should be detailed in the registration form.

If you prefer to send us this information via email, please write to
(PGP: 0x701E5394 | Fingerprint: AFD0 AC51 9C29 0452 06E6 F534 A839 844B 701E 5394)

About the Organizers
The mission of Viet Tan is to overcome dictatorship, build the foundation for a sustainable democracy, and demand justice and human rights for the Vietnamese people through a nonviolent struggle based on civic participation.


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