Voting app for political expression has launched ahead of Vietnam’s National Assembly Election

Viet Tan|18/05/2016|Press Releases|

May 18, 2016

The Lá Phiếu (Ballot) app is now available on Google Play, allowing smartphone users to cast their votes and and freely express their political views ahead of Vietnam’s National Assembly elections on May 22. “Lá Phiếu” includes all party and non-party candidates and will give a broad, inclusive look at public sentiment.

What has historically been a rubber stamp election to usher in a new Communist party leadership is now, for the first time, terrain for self-nominating candidates challenging the election process. This election is taking place amid an unprecedented grassroots movement demanding accountability for the environmental disaster along the country’s central coast.

Until recently, the ruling Communist Party has fully controlled the candidate selection process. To exclude truly independent candidates, authorities have resorted to smear campaigns on state media, administrative obstacles, psychological intimidation, and police interrogation. With “Lá Phiếu”, users have an alternative platform to express their political views.

The App features information on all party and non-party candidates, including those who did not make the “official” list. User data is not collected to allow safe and secure voting. With the help of the Guardian Project, circumvention has been integrated to avoid government blockage.

Lá Phiếu is supported by local Vietnamese organizations including The People’s Intellect, Brotherhood for Democracy, Hoang Sa FC, and Viet Tan.


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