Modernizing Vietnam has been the aspiration of Vietnamese for many generations. In the 19th century, Vietnam lost its independence because it was unable to adapt to changing conditions. For much of the 20th century, the country was torn apart by war and did not enjoy true peace even after unification. Now in the 21st century, Vietnam has the potential of becoming an economic tiger but the Vietnamese people find themselves restrained by a backward dictatorship.

Viet Tan believes that comprehensive development is only possible when political institutions allow for the contributions of all citizens. A pluralistic society is the best way to realize social justice and human rights for all citizens. Therefore, it is Viet Tan’s mission to overcome dictatorship and build the foundation for a sustainable democracy.

To achieve a democratic transition for Vietnam, Viet Tan is committed to peaceful, nonviolent struggle. Working with other pro-democracy groups inside Vietnam and among the diaspora, we aim to mobilize the power of the people.

We are convinced that nonviolent means are most effective for generating maximum civic participation. Because Viet Tan’s ultimate goal is to contribute to Vietnam’s modernization and reform (or Canh Tan, the basis of our party’s name in Vietnamese), we reject the use of violence. Given Vietnam’s recent history and current challenges, the struggle to overcome dictatorship cannot lead to further divisions among compatriots or hamper efforts to rebuild the country.

We embrace a humanistic vision of Vietnam where each person is valued and has the opportunity to flourish. In short, Viet Tan seeks to unleash the talents and aspirations of the Vietnamese nation.


Viet Tan engages in actions that empower the Vietnamese people. Specifically, we seek to roll back existing restrictions against two key human rights: freedom of expression and freedom of association and assembly. These enabling freedoms are the pillars for civil society.

Promoting a De Facto Free Media

Currently all newspapers, television and radio in Vietnam are controlled by the Communist Party. Viet Tan aims to erode the regime’s media monopoly by supporting independent-minded reporters, a citizen journalist movement and alternative sources of information.
To spread our message, Viet Tan relies on social media and citizen journalism platforms. Viet Tan’s Facebook page has over 1.3 million followers and extensive reach in Vietnam.

Supporting Grassroots Movements

An increasing number of Vietnamese are joining in mass petitions, street protests and labor strikes. To address social injustices, Viet Tan is actively promoting civil disobedience campaigns throughout the country.
Where appropriate, we provide strategic and organizational support and help to publicize grassroots activities. Viet Tan members also participate in humanitarian projects in and around Vietnam to aid disadvantaged communities. To encourage civic responsibility, we actively support the growth of private charity networks on the ground.

Training and Capacity Building

The power of every regime comes from the acceptance of the people. In a democratic system, acceptance is achieved through ballots in a fair and open election. In a dictatorial system, acceptance is achieved through coercion and terror. Yet whether it is by ballots or coercion, the Vietnamese people have the ability to withdraw their acceptance of the current regime.
Disenfranchised for so long, many Vietnamese may not realize that they themselves possess the political power in the country. Through training programs held in-country, abroad and online, Viet Tan seeks to provide activists on the ground with the skills to wage an effective nonviolent struggle. We share lessons from successful democratic transitions around the world and the latest techniques in digital activism.

International Advocacy

Human rights violations in Vietnam are an affront to our collective humanity and directly impact the interests of all who desire a stable, just and prosperous Vietnam. While the Vietnamese people must ultimately solve the challenges of Vietnam, international friends can offer solidarity in many crucial ways.
Viet Tan works with democratic governments and international NGOs to address human rights abuses and support civil society initiatives.


Support Viet Tan’s current campaigns and let us know if you would like to participate in the next Viet Tan activity in your area.

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We welcome new members and supporters who wish to contribute to the change they want to see in Vietnam.


Viet Tan has members and supporters throughout Vietnam and among most Vietnamese communities overseas. Our members represent a cross-section of the country and the diaspora.

We are the university student in Hanoi, the blogger in Saigon, the doctor in Sydney, the engineer in California and the retiree in Paris. Our members include well-known prisoners of conscience and individuals who have sacrificed their lives for a free Vietnam.

Organized by chapters at the local level, Viet Tan is directed by a Central Committee led by Mr. Do Hoang Diem as chairman and Mr. Ly Thai Hung as general secretary.