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Happy 2nd anniversary to Group 8406

On April 8, 2008, 118 Vietnamese dissidents signed a document titled “The Manifesto on Freedom and Democracy in Vietnam”. This can be considered the unifying

Human Rights Concerns in Vietnam

Statement of Representative Ed Royce “Human Rights Concerns in Vietnam” November 6, 2007 Thank you Mr. Chairman for highlighting the abysmal human rights situation in

Wind of Change – From Burma to Vietnam

A change is coming, can you feel it? Our hearts are with the Burmese people and with all people suffering under dictatorships, like Vietnam. The

Vietnamese Rights and Wrongs…

CHO LON, Vietnam—When President George W. Bush sits down with Vietnamese President Nguyen Minh Triet at the White House on Friday, it will be the

Truth Behind Removal of Decree 31

The Truth Behind the Removal of the Administrative Detention Decree 31/CP (14.4.1997) November 11, 2006 The legal community and those who have concern for the

Remarks at the Viet Tan Reception

US Congressman Ed Royce Hello. My name is Congressman Ed Royce, and I represent Orange County. I would like to thank my good friends Dung