Vietnam and Canada’s Indo-Pacific Strategy Discussed on Parliament Hill

Judy Sgro

Hon. Judy Sgro

Press release

On October 30th, the Honorable Judy Sgro in cooperation with Viet Tan hosted a luncheon “Vietnam and Canada’s Indo-Pacific Strategy” in the Wellington Building in Ottawa attended by parliamentarians and their teams.

The event focused on how Canada can engage Vietnam to advance human rights and security in the Indo-Pacific. From addressing climate change to transnational repression to military capacity building.

According to Mr. Duy Hoang, Executive Director of Viet Tan, Canada is one of the leaders behind the Just Energy Transition Partnership. And Vietnam is a country threatened by rising seas and extreme weather events. But while the Hanoi government welcomes financial support from donors for energy transition and climate finance, it is also fearful of local civil society talking about Vietnam’s specific energy challenges and advocating for policy changes.

Since 2022, leading environmental activists in Vietnam have been rounded up. In separate cases, environmentalist Nguy Thi Khanh, lawyer and environmental activist Dang Dinh Bach, and NGO activist Hoang Thi Minh Hong were all convicted of financial crimes as a way to silence their environmental advocacy.

Meanwhile, Vietnam is currently a member of the UN Human Rights Council.


“As Vietnam is currently a member of the UN Human Rights Council, it is paramount that the universal human rights are respected in deeds, not words. With membership comes responsibility — especially as this December 10th marks the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.” – Hon. Judy Sgro MP for Humber River-Black Creek

“I deeply believe that human rights must be an integral part of the overall strategy to foster a more secure and prosperous Indo-Pacific. I encourage you to stand with Vietnam’s human rights activists and civil society. Promoting a freer Vietnam would help advance Canada’s strategic objectives for the Indo-Pacific. A free and open Indo-Pacific requires free and open societies.” – Executive Director of Viet Tan Mr. Duy Hoang

Background information:

Viet Tan is a leading Vietnamese pro-democracy organization with an extensive membership in Canada, among the Vietnamese diaspora, and on the ground in Vietnam. Viet Tan is known for its human rights advocacy, grassroots organizing and work on internet freedom to increase the political space in Vietnam.


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