Six Human Rights Defenders to be Tried in Hanoi

International Organizations|03/04/2018|

April 3, 2018 Vietnamese authorities must immediately and unconditionally release six human rights defenders who are due for trial in Hanoi on April 5, 2018. The six activists are members of the Brotherhood for Democracy, [...]

#StopTheCrackdownVN: Letter to APEC leaders

International Organizations|07/11/2017|

The signatories to this letter represent many Vietnamese and international organizations advocating for freedom of expression. We respectfully request you to urge the Vietnamese authorities to stop the crackdown...

Stop the Crackdown in Vietnam

International Organizations|16/10/2017|

October 16, 2017 A coalition of Vietnamese and international human rights groups are coming together to Stop the Crackdown in Vietnam - Ngưng Ngay Đàn Áp. Vietnam is in the midst of an unprecedented political [...]