Press Releases

Cyberattacks by the Vietnamese Government

April 27, 2010 Viet Tan today released a report detailing illegal computer attacks sponsored by the Hanoi government. The findings include: • Hackers from Vietnam

Free Tran Khai Thanh Thuy Now

April 2, 2010 Renowned Vietnamese novelist and democracy activist Tran Khai Thanh Thuy will go before an appeals court in Hanoi on April 16. The

Freedom of Speech Outlawed in Vietnam

October 9, 2009 The Hanoi regime sentenced nine Vietnamese democracy activists to prison for publicly espousing democracy and asserting Vietnamese territorial claims in the Eastern

Hanoi Postpones An Inconvenient Trial

September 22, 2009 According to family sources, six Vietnamese democracy activists will not be tried as scheduled on September 24, 2009 in the northern city

More Internet Bloggers Arrested in Vietnam

Contact: Duy Hoang +1 (202) 470-0845 Since September last year, the Vietnamese government has unleashed a concerted campaign against independent journalists and bloggers. Using charges