China Threatens the Lives and Livelihood of Vietnamese Fishermen

After years of aggression against Vietnamese fishermen and other countries, the Chinese government has legalized force at sea by passing the Coast Guard Law on January 22, 2021. This law allows the Chinese Coast Guard to use weapons to attack foreign ships in waters that Beijing unlawfully claims.

Rights Groups Call for the Release of Arrested Writers and Bloggers

While the world focused on addressing the COVID-19 pandemic over the past few weeks, the Vietnamese government has increased suppression on freedom of information and speech by continuing to detain independent journalists and human rights defenders.

Viet Tan’s Statement Regarding the Raid in Dong Tam

In a shocking series of events, on January 9, Vietnamese authorities mobilised 3000 riot police to raid Hoanh Hamlet, Dong Tam Commune, and kill 84-year-old community leader Le Dinh Kinh. This ruthless and disproportionate use of violence before the Lunar New Year is yet another tactic Vietnamese authorities have used to suppress land rights demands by the people of Dong Tam.