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Vice in Vietnam

April 27, 2006 The Wall Street Journal A major corruption scandal in Vietnam took center stage at this month’s carefully choreographed 10th Party Congress in

Regarding Vietnam’s Immediate Future

Regarding Vietnam’s (VN) immediate future, many people have given their analysis and made predictions, but how can I foresee things with any accuracy? I only

Open letter to National Assembly

Open Letter Ho Chi Minh City – December 10, 2004 To:   The National Assembly and Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam   The

A Step Backward for Vietnam

Ms. Sanchez is a member of the U.S. House of Representatives December 8, 2004 From Wall Street Journal Online edition Last week, the government of

Vietnam Must Reform or Perish

Vietnam at a crossroads; after 30 years of One-party, authoritarian dictatorship, Vietnam must choose to reform its political structure or continue to fall behind the