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Vietnam’s Social Media Landscape

March 20, 2015 Ahead of this year’s RightsCon, Viet Tan presents our analysis on Vietnam’s social media landscape. With a population of 93 million and

Rights before weapons for Vietnam

August 20, 2014 Earlier this month, Senator John McCain indicated that it was time for the United States to consider selling lethal weapons to Vietnam

Internet Watchdogs on the Region

Appearing at the East-West Center’s 3rd International Media Conference (IMC) in Seoul, South Korea, Viet Tan’s Chairman spoke on the panel “Internet Watchdogs on the

Letter to the Editor, Asia Times Online

June 8, 2012 [Re Cold counter to warming US-Vietnam ties, Asia Times Online, June 6, 2012] Adam Boutzan provides Viet Tan a backhanded compliment by

Vietnam to Target Social Media

April 25, 2012 For popular Western internet companies with large user bases in Vietnam, new online regulations could seriously test business practices and corporate consciences.