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Hanoi’s Problems Run Deeper Than the Dong

Wall Street Journal February 11, 2010 Economic unease is only part of a deeper crisis of legitimacy facing Vietnam’s Communist Party. The Vietnamese Communist Party

Vietnam teeters towards a currency crisis

Asia Times Online September 21, 2009 The Vietnamese currency, the dong, could face a significant devaluation given worsening macroeconomic conditions and deteriorating financial fundamentals. Vietnam

Vietnam bauxite plan opens pit of concern

March 16, 2009 Asia Times Online One of Vietnam’s most verdant regions faces severe ecological damage if the government moves ahead with its multi-billion dollar

Mr. Obama, Set Vietnam Free

January 30, 2009 Wall Street Journal American soft power can spur democratic change. For anyone watching Barack Obama’s inaugural address last week from an unfree

China rift opens in Vietnam

January 14, 2009 Asia Times Online Negotiating teams from Vietnam and China recently announced a final agreement for demarcating the two countries’ long-contested 1,350-kilometer land

Vietnam’s Tightrope Diplomacy

On October 26, 2008, President Nguyen Minh Triet of Vietnam embarked on a 4-day official visit to Russia, described as very important in expanding the

Uncomfortable anniversary in Vietnam

September 10, 2008 Asia Times Online Generations of French school children grew up learning never to forget Alsace-Lorraine, territory that France lost to Prussia in