Hanoi makes false accusations against Viet Tan’s pro-democracy efforts

August 30, 2018

Viet Tan is a pro-democracy organization advocating for human rights and social justice through peaceful means. Our members inside Vietnam and around the world have worked with civil society and elected officials to increase political space and empower the Vietnamese people.

Once again, Hanoi’s Ministry of Public Security is trying to scare people away from supporting pro-democracy organizations by falsely accusing us of smuggling weapons. This is a ridiculous fabrication. Viet Tan does not espouse armed violence nor work with any individuals that do.

It is the Vietnamese Communist Party that has a long history of violence and terror. Countless bloggers and human rights defenders have been physically attacked and repressed for promoting free expression. No amount of propaganda can shift the attention from Hanoi’s human rights abuses.

The Vietnamese authorities often make baseless accusations against Viet Tan without any real proof. These Orwellian tactics are a reminder of why the Vietnamese government and its state media lack credibility.

We challenge Vietnamese state media to report on Viet Tan’s activities to empower the Vietnamese people through training and capacity building, promoting a de-facto free media, and supporting civil society.

Contact: Duy Hoang +1.202.596.7951